Saturday, December 04, 2010

Prof Mansur on Canadian Freedom

Salim reviews Bill Gairdner's reworking of his book The Trouble with Canada. Salim laments the slipping away of our freedom. Reading Gairdner's book could the first step in understanding the problem.

This is not merely a timely book. It is required reading for Canadians feeling bewildered with the direction their country is headed and the distressing state of politics in which neither politicians inspire confidence as leaders nor the mainstream media garner trust as a tribune of the people.

Gairdner is a rare Canadian. He represented Canada in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics in decathlon, he has devoted the better part of his life to studying his country as a citizen and patriot, and, in the passion he displays as a public intellectual, Gairdner stands amidst us as a Canadian version of Thomas Paine.

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