Thursday, December 30, 2010

Polls in Quebec

Interesting CROP poll in Quebec. 7 out of ten don't like the provincial grits. Interesting the ADQ is now polling at 16%. The numbers fro charest are pretty ominous. The provincial grits are running at 25% and 65% say the government is going in the wrong direction. The Federal numbers show the Tories maintaining their base at 20%, while the federal grits are down substantially to 18%.
I am pleased the ADQ is gaining , I hope 2010 brings further gains for the Tories and the ADQ.

Fédéral: le Bloc en tête

Sur la scène fédérale, le Bloc québécois a gagné du terrain dans les intentions de vote avec 40%. Il s'agit d'un résultat plus élevé que les 38% enregistrés lors des élections en octobre 2008. En revanche, le Parti libéral du Canada (PLC) perd des plumes, chutant de 24% aux dernières élections à 18% aujourd'hui. Force est de constater que la tournée estivale de Michael Ignatieff n'a pas permis au PLC de séduire l'électorat du Québec.

Le Parti conservateur du Canada (PCC) arrive au deuxième rang dans les intentions de vote des Québécois avec 20%. Le Nouveau parti démocratique (NPD) est quant à lui au troisième rang avec 19%, et le Parti vert du Canada en cinquième place avec 2%.

Par ailleurs, 58% des électeurs québécois sont «fortement» ou «modérément» en faveur de la tenue d'élections en 2011. Ce pourcentage grimpe à 72% chez les partisans du PLC, à 67% chez ceux du Bloc québécois et à 62% chez les électeurs qui appuient le NPD.


Calgary Junkie said...

Okay, let's hear from those posters out there who are afflicted with "Harper Derangement Syndrome". Especially those over at Macleans, the Globe, and Libblogs, who have been saying for a long time that Harper has "given up on Quebec". And that he will be lucky to hold on to one seat.

For some strange reason, these "experts" missed how competitive Harper is, how he doesn't give up, and how he will fight tenaciously to hold on to what he's got. Now I can see Iggy folding his tent and heading home at the first sign of adversity. But Harper, no way.

Jen said...


Religion in retreat

.Father Raymond J. De Souza, National Post · Thursday, Dec. 30, 2010

Subsidized daycare is a central part of social policy in Quebec--parents pay $7/day, and provincial government pays the rest, about $40/day. The government of Quebec is now increasing its vigilance on what dangerous ideas the toddlers might be exposed to.

Just before Christmas, Family Minister Yolande James announced regulations that would seek to ban religion instruction from daycare centres that take government money. The Quebec government is out to stamp out religious expressions -- prayers, bible stories, manger scenes and even explanations for religious dietary practices.

Strangely, you can have a manger scene -- you just can't tell the children who the figures are. The scene is cultural, but Jesus is religious. In a Jewish or Muslim daycare, presumably the children could keep dietary laws but not be told why. Children could decorate a Christmas tree (cultural) but not sing Silent Night (religious). It's easy to mock the silliness, but violations of religious liberty are no laughing matter. Quebec's antipathy to expressions of Jewish and Islamic faith, combined with a self-loathing of its Catholic heritage, makes for a toxic combination.

"In Quebec, secularism has become the new religion," said Daniel Amar, executive director of the Quebec Jewish Congress.

That's almost right. It's secular fundamentalism that.......

Read more:

Jen said...

CJ, Never will the media utter Harper 'high' polling in Quebec.
Now, if the situation was in the reverse showing the conservatives polling at 18%,the entire msm liberal kooks will hammer this information 24/7.

BTW, Where is Canada's media for Canada?

Anonymous said...

Time to put money on the table - a movement for $10 from all interested citizens to lure Mario Dumont back as leader of the A.D.Q. This is the only way we can head off another Parti Quebecois government and that Medusa Pauline Marois.

I Support Lord Black