Thursday, December 09, 2010

pathetic grits

Truly pathetic comments by the grits on HM PM Stephen Harper's amazing concert last night. The grits never miss an opportunity to look small and nasty. Merry Christmas grits!!>
1. Cranky Liberals. Upstaged yet again by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who took to the stage Wednesday night at the Conservative caucus Christmas party,
the Liberals were up early grumpily emailing reaction.

“Not even one song in French," a senior Ignatieff official told The Globe and Mail on Thursday morning. “One week after Quebec’s artistic elite (over 100 songwriters and singers) came to Parliament Hill on C-32. It shows that he is clueless about Quebec culture." - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


Anonymous said...

And a Joyeux Noël et une Bonne Année to you too!

Imagine if he had sung the sovereignist favourite "Mon Pays, C'est Ne Pas Un Pays, C'est L'Hiver" de Gilles Vigneault. They would not have been happy.

Anonymous said...

Good but he should avoid Neil Diamnond songs. (real conservative)

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