Thursday, December 30, 2010

No Federal election until 2012

 The grits are already backing down. iffy really is a waffler. I don't think the grits will vote against the next budget, in numbers great enough to defeat HM Government. The grits are too broke and pathetic I don't see an election before 2012.

OTTAWA — The federal Liberals have no plan to take down the Conservatives over the upcoming budget, but instead will wait and see if the Harper government reverses its course on such major policies as corporate tax cuts, a Grit MP said Thursday.

Halifax MP Geoff Regan brushed off suggestions the Liberals would vote against an upcoming Conservative budget and possibly trigger an election as early as February or March.


Luke said...

The remark about the corporate tax cuts made the statement sound like a bit of a non-answer to me.

The tax cut legislation has already been passed, and its not get repealed or amended.

Frances said...

Isn't the opposition supposed to actually READ the bills presented to Parliament before deciding to support or oppose? Or am I extremely naive?

Anonymous said...

Have all Liberal debts been pay off yet, or has Elections Canada given another extension?

Alberta Bob

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what the Liberals think, it is the NDP and the Bloc that will push the issue. (real conservative)

gimbol said...

There is a left wing faction in the LPC that is going to burst at the seams if the Harper government gets another budget passed.
If Iggy waffles again, the odds are pretty good that a number of lib MP's will be signing a merger with the NDP and then launching a coup to install a new leader.
I am of course torn on who that leader would be that would accept such a post, as to do so would be the equivilant of playing russian roulette with the voters that are not aligned with any party.
If such a move gives even the slightest suggestion of being a power grab (ie. form coalition with Bloc, force an election) the outcome will not be favourable to the opposition, but it will be to Harper.

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