Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Quebec Freedom Network News

The Winnipeg Free press has a story about the RLQ, as does Maclean's. We have announced that our next event will be April 16, 2011 in the Montreal area. Please join the RLQ as an active participant for discounts on admission to our events and other benefits. Give RLQ memeberships to your friends and family. They only cost $20!!! Help us fight for freedom and fiscal responsibility!
And the wpf does get some of it wrong. We are not a new party!

Possible new party, Charest's future to command attention in Quebec in 2011

By: Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press

MONTREAL - A movement is afoot in Quebec to nudge provincial politics to the right, a push that's gaining grassroots traction in a province known for high taxes, expensive social programs and a hefty debt.

And its influence could have implications for the rest of Canada in 2011.

The campaign aims to move Quebec politics away from the perpetual independence debate and focus instead on the pressing economic concerns pummelling the province.

The right-of-centre groundswell has been likened to the U.S. Tea Party, albeit on a smaller scale.

At least for now.

"We're discussing things today that we weren't discussing five years ago," said Joanne Marcotte, co-founder of a network that describes itself as a forum for conservative-minded people in the province.

"If Quebec wants to keep paying for its social programs, even with equalization (payments), there are limits."

Marcotte's group, the Reseau Liberte-Quebec (or Quebec freedom network), is gathering steam as Premier Jean Charest's Liberals find themselves under fire over numerous allegations of corruption, influence-peddling and collusion with the construction industry.

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