Thursday, December 09, 2010

More hrc nonsense

So now it is a human right to be trained to be a pilot even if you are on a terrorist watch list. pc nonsense gone mad!. More hrc stupidity. As Ezra says, fire them all.
A Quebec human rights tribunal has ordered Bombardier to pay more than $300,000 for refusing to train a Canadian pilot whom U.S. transport safety officials had labelled a threat to aviation and national security.

The fine includes $50,000 in punitive damages — the most ever awarded by the tribunal, which also ordered Bombardier to ignore U.S. “standards and decisions” when determining whether a pilot can train in Canada.


Lynn said...

Bombardier has the money to fight this,and I hope they do.

This should be taken to a real Court,where the judgement would be quickly overturned.


been around the block said...

This HRC ruling is sheer madness, it's insane. I agree with DMorris: Take this to a real court.

There is no "right" in Canada to be an airline pilot, so who the HELL does the QHRC think it is, telling companies who employ pilots "to ignore U.S. 'standards and decisions' when determining whether a pilot can train in Canada? Who, then, is to ensure passenger safety and security?

'One more reason not to continue flying. 'Never liked it, and now I have compelling reasons not to.

So, what happens at this point? This guy applies to Bombardier again, or another airline, and they're forced to hire him?

As Kate says over at SDA, the world is being run by crazy people -- and not only crazy, dangerous.

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