Sunday, December 26, 2010

More holiday gifts for the Tories

Angelo Persichilli writes about the ongoing self destruction of the grits. Couldn't happen to nicer people. It seems there are many factions. Not surprising for a party that has no principles and only exists to gain power and distribute money to their friends. Ok , I admit I am guilty of shadenfreude.

It took 10 years, from 1993 to 2003, for the Conservatives to put aside most of their differences and work together. It’s ironic that the same year the Tories started bridging their differences, the Liberals grew apart.

Moreover, the division among them is more dangerous. The Conservative fight was in the open and the division was a clear split between two visions. The Liberals are more than divided, they are fragmented by personal vendettas, jealousies and a lack of leadership.

Despite the front of a happy family, they are fighting each other over differences from the past while creating new ones. This fight no longer has anything to do with Martin and Chrétien; it’s about the metastasis of that disease which has taken on a life of its own.

One symptom is the way the party makes changes. Whether they involve staff or a leader, they are always traumatic. People don’t leave, they’re politically executed.

Debris from hard-fought leadership conventions has always been present in the Liberal party, but things deteriorated when the Liberals tried to get rid of John Turner, and they got out of control during the Chrétien-Martin feud.

Ever since, Liberal leaders have been changed in much the same way the old Soviet Union used to renew its leadership — each successor would obliterate his predecessor, who was forced out in disgrace.

The symbolism around the Liberal leader has changed. Post-Chrétien, each Liberal leader has become a puppet in the hands of a small group of backroom individuals fighting each other while waiting for their turn to be on top — with the same or another puppet leader — and using their positions to get even with their rivals.

Recent history is full of good people humiliated and loyalties destroyed. They want respect and loyalty from the same people they publicly humiliate. Their culture of entitlement makes them believe they can trample over anyone and then impose loyalty in times of need.

Is this is the new grit theme song? It sucks to be a grit..


Anonymous said...

The liberals are still living in the era of the CBC being the only national source of news. In the good old days Chretien could make one statement in Shawinigan and an opposite statement in Vancouver and the likelihood of his getting caught out was low. Now when Iggy does that, in short order we have 2 separate YouTubes comparing his conflicting messages.

So the biggest change the Liberals are facing is the democratization of the media with more to come when Quebecor launches SunTV, which terrifies Liberals.

Another way to look at the rudderless Liberal purpose is on foreign policy. When in power, Liberals kowtowed to the UN, they positioned themselves as the “honest broker” because they stood for nothing, they were moral relativists, on all sides of the issue. Dion summed up the problem with “Do you think it is easy to make priorities?”. That statement begat Dion is “not a leader” which begat Liberals cannot lead.

The final straw on the camel’s back is Iffy the Terrible; he lost to Dion in the leadership race, then was installed to replace him.


Anonymous said...

A good article, but the CPC is every bit as unprincipled and amoral as the Liberal party. It remains to be seen if they will handle leadership transition any better after Harper resigns when he fails to get his majority.

Patsplace said...

The thing that I find sticking in my throat is not that the Liberals are not doing well, but that there are not criminal trials in progress over HRC, Shawinnigate and the Gun Registry funding to name a few.

To say that all Governments by the law of averages will have the odd bad apple, it seemed like the Liberals functioned like the mob, right down to having the guy, it was reported that the FBI said, was a "made man" in the Bonanno crime family, as Liberal Party Whip, Alfonso Gagliano. Personal accountant to the Montreal Boss of Bosses. These guys are criminals, not just "the odd bad apple".

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