Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Holiday cheer from the grits ( and iffy cartoons)

catsmeat has given us this gem about iffy.

Ignatieff: His year-end interviews — for which his staff purportedly prepared him, and in which he said he hoped to defeat Harper in 2011 and that he and Rob Ford shared like-minded voters — were embarrassing.
But his worst move, in the view of the majority of card-carrying Liberals and the Grit caucus, was listening to Bob Rae, and going along with extending Canada’s stay in Afghanistan. Many Liberals have long suspected Iggy’s political default position is always (a) to be a closeted conservative and (b) to parrot the White House line. The Afghanistan reversal showed why.

So the only issue where iffy has actually shown a little leadership , has made grit partisans mad. Keep up the good work grits. Let's have that election.

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Anonymous said...

I just watched the Ignatief Christmas interview with Craig Oliver on Question Period and it took Iggy less than two minutes to refer to Stephen Harper as mean-spirited.
That,in my opinion,speaks volumes of Iggy himself.

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