Friday, December 31, 2010

A Moderate Muslim

A good article from an American Muslim, who totally understands the jihadi threat. Wish more of our our politicians understood

Why Muslims must look in the mirror
If 2010 was the year America finally woke up to political Islam's ne farious reach on US soil, with luck 2011 will be the year we launch an offensive against it. One way to begin that process is through hearings that Rep. Peter King (R-NY), the new chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, plans to hold on American Muslim radicalization.

Attention to this issue offers an opportunity for American Muslims to confront the radicalization problem and provide solutions -- as only they can.

My group, the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, believes these hearings will shed light on the diversity of American Muslims, giving our community a chance to step from behind the veil of Muslim victimization and address head-on the need for long-overdue ideological reforms.

King: Will hold hear ings on "homegrown radicals."
Alas, the announcement of the hearings has triggered heated denunciations by groups like ISNA, CAIR and MPAC, which try to deny and obfuscate the connection between "political Islam," or Islamism, and terror.


trustonlymulder said...

Zuhdi Jasser rocks. I like watching him guest on The Factor.

Anonymous said...

if he does not follow the dictates of the koran and other islmic teachings he will be considered a non muslim. all of islam must be part of the jihad to convert or kill or enslave non believers.

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