Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Melanie Phillips on the msm war against Israel

Melanie Phillips gave this address at the Honest Reporting Conference in Jerusalem earlier this month. The leftists msm is now a full propaganda arm for the enemies of the west and particularly Israel.
We are living through a global campaign of demonisation and delegitimisation of Israel in which the western media are playing a key role.

The British media are the global leaders of this campaign in their frenzied and obsessional attacks on Israel. In the BBC in particular, such virulence attains unparalleled power and influence since it is stamped with the BBC’s global kitemark of objectivity and trustworthiness.

Israel’s every action is reported malevolently, ascribing to it the worst possible motives and denying its own victimisation. Instead of the truth, which is that every military action by Israel is taken solely to protect itself from attack, it is portrayed falsely as instigating the violent oppression of the Palestinians.

Tyranny around the world — such as the 20-year genocide in southern Sudan, or the persecution of Christians in Africa or Asia — goes almost unreported, as does Palestinian violence upon other Palestinians.

Yet Israel is dwelt upon obsessively, held to standards of behaviour expected of no other country and, with its own victimisation glossed over or ignored altogether, falsely accused of imposing wanton suffering.


Anonymous said...

Not very suprising really these left-bots are they same ones still obsessing about the global warming scam.
What passes for an education these days is pathetic, the control the left liberal midset has on our Universities is turning out these so called Journalists.
They in turn are trying very hard to tell everyone else how and what to think.
Cheers Bubba

Jen said...

I don't that the empty heads in the media know the meaning of journalism.
The only way to put them to the test is to question them on issues which they 'think' they know.

BTW, God handles Israel His way not us nor dare we or we face His Wrath which is worse than a bomb itself.

I Support Lord Black