Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mayor Rob Ford

A very positive article about His Worship in of all places the red star. Seems mayor Ford is getting the job done!

For the past decade at City Hall, Rob Ford the councillor was disrespected, treated with disdain and, at times, laughed at and ridiculed.

The perpetrators, usually the council allies of former mayor David Miller, were miffed, particularly, at Ford’s successes in exposing their perks, embarrassing spending habits and abuse of councillors’ office budgets.

It didn’t help that Ford took no prisoners and gave out as much insults as he received.

How the roles have been reversed. They are not laughing anymore.

In his first 10 days in office, it is Mayor Ford that is a picture of calm and cool control; and his opponents, carping and combative, appear petulant in opposition.

Ford bounded into the mayor’s office at the crack of dawn Dec. 1 to find empty rooms and packets of gravy, Miller’s departing gag, a friendly poke at Ford’s “stop the gravy train” mantra. Ford didn’t pause to find his legs.

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Anonymous said...

A good start, but a long road to travel. He will get to the yellow brick road. (real conservative)

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