Friday, December 10, 2010

lawrence martin on an NA perimeter

grit larry martin never likes anything the Tory government does. I think a fortress North America is a good uidea. Many business people have complained of long del;ays at the border and our tourism has also been affected by border woes. I think a secure North American peri meter is a good idea. This article is from the "non partisan" site. I wonder how non partisan this site is given that they have larry martin writing for them.

It didn’t take long for the on-line comment boards to light up Thursday with denunciations of a proposed new perimeter-security arrangement for Canada and the United States. The draft agreement, reported to be nearing completion, is peppered with phrases like cross-border sharing, joint approaches, closer collaboration. It’s the kind of stuff that gets Canadians thinking of slippery slopes.

Talk of the Americanization of Canada is old hat, very passé. But fears of it could be reawakened by a new North American perimeter proposal. With the U.S in economic tumult and still gripped by security anxieties, this is a time when Canadians are more inclined to draw away than enter into closer bondage.

This proposed bilateral deal is being fashioned by the Harper government without public consultation. As opposition critics said yesterday, on something as important as this, fait accomplis are not the way to go. Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff charged in the Commons that climate change and energy policy have been surrendered to the Americans. He asked now whether security policy was being secretly yielded as well.


Kursk said...

The Liberals abrogated any right to criticize defense policy through their utter decimation and stripping out of the Canadian Forces during their tenure.

Louise said...

The Liberals have a wee problem with logic. They go on and on about how Canada's policies should not be tied to those of the USA, yet if the Americans say something is black, the Liberals have to call it white. If the yanks choose to support some course of action, the Libs have to oppose it. Yet they insist that our policies must be developed completely independent from those of the Americans. The fact is, if ours have to always be the opposite of the Americans, then we are completely tied to their positions. There is no room for independent analysis and choice of options.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that Iggy wants to talk to the Europeans in order to fix out security issues here in North America? That's how a lefty thinks. (real conservative)

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