Monday, December 13, 2010

L Ian Macdonald on Tory fortunes

L. Ian sees good things in te Tories future and further spinning of iffy's wheels. Comments about HM PM Harper's excellent concert by senior grits are evidence of big problems in the grit camp. As I have been saying iffy's summer tour played to the already few converted grits The grit fundraising numbers are still terrible. I don't particularly want an election but the grits and the rest of their coalition should know the Tories are ready!

But the Liberals and the New Democrats were annoyed at Nanos for his interpretation of his own data -that looking inside his regional breakouts, the Conservatives are on the doorstep of a majority. He posits a theory that the Tories' game of wedge politics, slicing and dicing issues such as gun control and crime, is paying off in suburban "clusters" such as the belt around Toronto.

He's right. Looking at his numbers, the Conservatives are down slightly on the Prairies, but so what? They've got numbers to burn there. What's significant is they're also way up in British Columbia, where they've opened a 2-1 lead, as well as in Ontario, where they've moved out to a seven-point lead. Nanos says a majority might finally be within reach for Harper, even without Quebec.

Far from thinking about proroguing again, Harper should keep the House in session over the holidays.


Anonymous said...

PMSH cares about our economy; he won’t initiate an election until he feels we are out of the woods. We can’t get out of the woods until the USA is out too. When will that happen? The Dow Jones will be the leading indicator and it’s chugging along now with some assurances that a GOP Congress can marginalize the Obamarx gang’s hatred of capitalism.

I’ll defer to Dr Roy on how Quebec will vote in an election but would not pay much attention to current polls that indicate strength for the Bloc and weakness for the Tories. Although Québécois are sadly misinformed without a Quebecor TV channel, that will soon change.

Québécois will soon learn that not sending MPs into an inevitable Tory government is not a good idea. There is a very good possibility that more Tory MPs will show up from Québec than last time. Because the usual progressive attack dogs out of the Quebec media will be rebutted this election cycle for the first time ever; i.e. Sun TV will bring balance to the myths that PMSH Tories are warmongers, anti-gay, anti-culture. The Bloc is going to need some new lies to promote and that will take lots of funding that they don’t have. Next year PMSH could be singing “Imagine there’s no Bloc”.


Powell lucas said...

Macdonald is probably contemplating having the hands that typed such heresy amputated.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Nanos? Worried that they will lose future business? It is good they see the light though. (real conservative)

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