Tuesday, December 21, 2010

jimmy travers...

desperately tries to compliment his failed leader, but he can't. jimmy's only way to defend iff is to attack HM Pm Harper. Poor, poor little jimmy and his red star freinds they are havng a pretty bad year. Hopefully HM PM Harper and mayor Ford will be joined next year by Tim Hudak as Ontario premier. Hopefully that will make many more heads at the red star explode.

Ignatieff is least convincing when pin-balling between past and present. “Country-boying,” as the Americans aptly label dumbing-down leadership to match coffee-shop sensibilities, sadly diminishes who he was as well as what he might reasonably become in the flattering glow that illuminates opposition leaders who survive to become prime ministers.

It’s far from sure that Ignatieff will ever move off the porch. More certain is that those who come sniffing at political power better be prepared to get kicked around until they prove who they are and why they deserve to be lead dog.


Anonymous said...

“Vandalized the census and polarized us over the long-gun registry”

Jimmy Jimmy calm down. Nobody vandalized the census. Many countries have scraped it entirely; you pinheads are so married to your bureaucratic ways that shorting a form is a global crisis. That’s why you Liberals can’t be trusted to govern. Also the PMSH did not polarize anyone over the LGR, we are already polarized. The gap in thinking is enormous. Yet Jimmy wants to pretend the gap is due to PMSH.

“Lost for the first time a Canadian seat at the UN Security Council as the world overwhelmingly concluded that a country once celebrated for finding solutions is now part of the problem on climate change, African misery and Middle East peace.”

Oh my Gawd. That one almost leaves me speechless. Jimmy …the UN is corrupt. To be chastened by the UN is a badge of honour. The UN loves Liberals because they are unprincipled. Liberals claim to be “honest brokers” which is code for being on all sides of an issue and blowing in the wind. Vote Liberal and you vote support for despots and for Kyoto wealth redistribution to the despots.

But Jimmy at least ends by giving us a jolly good laugh with “Politics, it turns out, ruthlessly punishes the abstract, out-loud thinking that academia and public-intellectual journalism reward”. No Jimmy , academia and the MSM are the root of the problem because they have no tolerance for diversity of thought.


kursk said...

Wow..who would have thought that Canada was a cause of African misery, especially in light of all the tax dollars that have been extorted from its citizens to fund that hell hole of a continent.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dr. for that quote because it says it all. What Travers is indirectly saying is that his 'boy' doesn't get the basics... so he is screwed. (real conservative)

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