Friday, December 03, 2010

I should know better ...

than to believe the mop and pail.
I am glad to say HM Government has < a href=>completely denied the story that attempts to increase seats in Ontario and the West! I am glad this will be pushed forward even if the leftist coalition will vote against the bill. I had been quite upset by the mop and pail article.
The Tories need a majority!


johndoe124 said...

My apologies to the Conservative government, for now.

Kerry Forrest said...

If that is so, I'm sure the CPC is happy with the reaction to the news that it was to be killed quietly. It gives them more fodder to pursue it, since many are backing the bill.

Anonymous said...

When i saw the story last nite i really shook my head - unbelievable i thought. Guess i was right.

agent smith

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