Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hebert on iffy

Chantal hebert thinks things are slightly better for iffy this year. That hasnt translated into more support or more fundraising money. A lot of liberals want iffy gone. hebert says the grits are firmly esconced in second place.

But in the aftermath of the by-elections, polls show that the Winnipeg victory has had no impact on Liberal fortunes nationally while the Conservatives, on the other hand, have consolidated their lead, in particular in Ontario.

But then Liberal spin doctors may also be making the most of the smaller blessing of having continued to hold the NDP at bay in 2010.

At year end, the Liberals make up a more constructive official opposition than 12 months ago and — in case it is any comfort to them — the polls show that the second-place position in the House is very much theirs to lose in the next election.

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