Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hebert on the by-elections

I just got around to reading Chantal Hebert's on the recent by-elections. (I was in India after all.) I agree with her that the dippers and the grits will be eager not to have an election. I also agree with her that losing Vaughan is very bad news for iffy and the grits. The by-election win in Vaughan will berth first of many In the GTA!

But while the cast of characters is pretty much set in stone, the timing of the election play remains uncertain.

There is precious little in Monday’s results to give the NDP and the Liberals much incentive to defeat the next Conservative budget.

If Harper wants to go to the polls in the first half of 2011, he may have to take matters into his own hands.


CanadianSense said...

The opposition are delaying and playing politics with their majority in parliament.

The CPC may have a short list but need a ground game in Ontario if Quebec voters decide again to sit out.

It would be an interesting majority with Quebec watching from the sidelines.

Can Ontario and Atlantic Canada deliver 20 seats? Yes

Can the West deliver 5 more yes.

The numbers are there if Ontario goes blue like it went red for the Liberals in 2000.

136 seats (Ont+QC) out of 177 majority with dived right and 0.5% Green and 8.5% NDP.

Joe said...

Were I to advise PM Harper I would tell him to not call an election until it is needed by law. Right now the opposition is making fools of themselves which will pay electoral dividends at the next election. The opposition is too scared to force an election so it will allow all of the government's big agenda items to pass. If the opposition gets something passed in the House the Conservative majority in the senate can kill it. When the senate kills an opposition bill the call will go out for senate reform. Senate reform is one of the government's election planks.

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