Thursday, December 09, 2010

Harkat found to be a terrorist

This poster boy for the left has been ruled to be a terrorist. He needs to be returned to Algeria and his sympathizers should apologize to the people of Canada, but they won t.

TORONTO — A Federal Court judge has upheld almost all the allegations against an Algerian in Ottawa, ruling he is a member of the Osama bin Laden network, has engaged in terrorism and is a danger to Canadians.

Justice Simon Noel handed down his ruling this morning in the case of Mohammed Harkat, whom Canada has been trying to deport for eight years but who had become a poster boy for opponents of federal security laws.

The court also dismissed a constitutional appeal and an abuse of process claim brought by Mr. Harkat, who moved to Ottawa and married a Canadian but whom the judge said all the while concealed his involvement in terrorism.

“Having carefully considered the evidence presented during the public and closed hearings

and after having assessed it on a balance of probabilities, I conclude that the Ministerial position on almost all the allegations made against Mr. Harkat must be accepted,” the judge wrote in his 186-page ruling.

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been around the block said...

The only justice for Canadians on this file will be when this guy's plane to Algeria has left the runway. One-way ticket, of course.

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