Tuesday, December 14, 2010

grits and dippers

Many Tories, including me have long wanted real debate between the left and the right in this country. The grits are ideologically soft on everything except holding power and rewarding their friends. It seems the grits are evermore ideolgically allied to their coalition partners dippers.
This is good , as it gives Canadian voters a clear alternative. Blue grits have no place in the leftist cabal that is the grit dipper bloq alliance. Time for Blue grits to vote Tory.

So, it must be annoying to both NDPers and Liberals that they so often find themselves on the same side of the ideological fence.

(In contrast, Conservatives distinguish themselves on policies relating to the environment, foreign affairs and criminal justice.)

NDPleader Jack Layton's party opted last week, for example, to urge Ottawa to impose a ban on tanker traffic in northern B.C. waters - exactly the same clarion call that Ignatieff had made last June.

Both parties voted last May in favour of the climate change accountability act, a bill to speed up Canada's greenhouse-gas reduction targets.

The bill was defeated last month by a Conservative-dominated Senate.

Both the NDP and Liberals are standing together against a government anti-smuggling bill, C-49, that would thwart migrants arriving by boat on Canadian coastlines.

The two parties maintain the legislation would be punitive to legitimate refugees.

Last September, the Liberals and the NDP turned thumbs-down on a Conservative private member's bill to kill the federal long-gun registry, helping it survive.

They both lined up to oppose the government's cancellation of the mandatory long-form census.

And when it came to taking a position on the Harper government's proposed purchase of F-35 fighter jets without going to an open competition, again both the Liberals and New Democrats sang from the same song book.


Jen said...

Never forget the Bloc Dr. Roy, this party did not sign onto a coalition agreement for nothing; they want their fair share or bulk of what's in the agreement.

NDP LIBERALS AND BLOC COALITION want to put a MORATORIUM on Tankards, oil sands/wells among other things. Devating our economy is how Socialists get their kicks; they want the public to be completely dependant on them.

Thank God for the likes of Glenn Beck who has done his homework thoroughly that no other liberal media in the states nor in canada will ever do. Glenn's roadmap on the blackboard leaves chills up your spine on his description of the socialists intentions.
Just as many individuals in the states want Glenn out of way so is the liberal media in canada to the SunTV.

wilson said...

Libluvin Yaffee is dreaming.
The reverse is true, lining up with the Dippers hurts the Liberals.

The unsuccessful plunge into the deep with the coalition of losers has been a near fatal move for them, in the ROC.
The once mighty Liberal Party is now left seriously considering a merger with the socialists.

With the polls showing the chance that PMSH can win a majority without Quebec,
and with the LibDips in a real fight with the Cons for Ontario,
it is plausible that the seeds of a LibDip merger, the experiment,
will begin next election, in Quebec.

I Support Lord Black