Thursday, December 02, 2010

Grinches !

I have given money to the Salvation Army since I was a child , as did my late father. They have heeded the words of Our Lord and fed the hungry
, clothed the poor, visited those in prison and so much more. The continuing war against Christmas and Christianity continues with banning the bells of the Salvation Army. Shame on these Grinches. I will shop at no mall that does not allow the Sally Ann.

News Columnists / Joe Warmington
Christmas bells silent at Eaton Centre


been around the block said...

The decision by some malls not to allow the Salvation Army to ring their bells is beyond stupid: It's mean and senseless.

In a world full of noise pollution, especially at a mall at Christmas time -- well, actually, Christmas itself doesn't begin until the evening of December 24; it's Advent now, but I digress -- banning the Sally Ann's bells is bordering on discrimination against Christians.

'Not that that surprises me much, however, hands off the Sally Ann. Like you, Dr. Roy, I'll boycott any store or mall that doesn't allow the members of the Salvation Army to ring their Christmas bells.

Bert said...

I wonder bwhat would happen if we banned the muslim call to prayer.

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