Monday, December 06, 2010

grinches relent

 So it seems the grinches at cadillac farview have relented. I was shocked to hear that the Salvation Army bells had been banned for the last 8 years at the Eaton Center. We all need to make sure that those who want our custom know our views or we will shop elsewhere.

When it was reported last week that the familiar sound of the Salvation Army’s kettle bells had been muted by bans imposed by Toronto’s Eaton Centre and Fairview Mall, the shopping centres elicited harsh criticism and accusations of Grinch-like behaviour.

On Sunday, representatives of Cadillac-Fairview, which owns both malls, and of the Salvation Army set the record straight, and the bells a-ringing once again — albeit after a much longer silence than most realized.

“The bells have been banned for the past eight years in the Eaton Centre,” said Susan Allen, general manager of the downtown Toronto mall, as part of the initial deal that allowed the Salvation Army to conduct its annual fundraising on the premises. “This really was one big misunderstanding. The bells were never an issue until last week.”

On Thursday, it was reported that noise-complaints from tenants in the Eaton Centre and Fairview Mall had led to the banning of bells traditionally used by Salvation Army volunteers collecting donations around the holiday season. But most of those complaints were made more than seven years ago, Ms. Allen said.

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been around the block said...

I guess I can shop in the Eaton Centre, then. I'll be making sure that the Sally Ann volunteers are ringing dem bells!

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