Friday, December 17, 2010

Good for the Ontario Court of Appeals

I guess all judges aren't useless grit hacks. These terrorists will have a lot of time to ponder their treasonous acts.

Ontario’s Court of Appeal sent a stern message Friday on the consequences of terrorism offences, dramatically increasing sentences given to three convicted Canadian terrorists and dismissing an appeal from the ringleader of the Toronto 18.

In the case of Mohammad Momin Khawaja, the first person charged under Canadian anti-terrorism law for financing and facilitating a British-based terrorist group, the court imposed a life sentence plus 24 years — massively upping 10 years he was handed last year after spending five years in pretrial custody.

“Terrorism must not be allowed to take root in Canada. When it is detected, it must be dealt with in the severest of terms,” the judgement stated.

The court also dismissed Khawaja’s appeal of his terrorism convictions.

Toronto 18 members Saad Gaya and Saad Khalid, who respectively received 12-year and 14-year sentences for participating in a plot to detonate powerful truck bombs in downtown Toronto, also had their sentences increased substantially — to 18 years for Gaya and 20 for Khalid.


Anonymous said...

Whoever these judges are...have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. You've certainly brightened my holiday season!

Natasha said...

This is excellent news. It certainly makes my Christmas.

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