Thursday, December 23, 2010

chavez the tyrant

chavez is once more showing his true colours. He is a tyrant and even his supporters are beginning to see that. Hopefully he will be defeated before he does too much damage, but he has already done a great deal of damage to venezuela.

Venezuelan President Chavez' Teflon popularity fraying at the edges


CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuelan heads are spinning in disbelief at President Hugo Chavez' latest antics.

Since the last parliamentary elections, held on Sept. 26, Chavez and the current, lame-duck National Assembly have cancelled any role that the newly-elected assembly would expect to be playing in the next term, which is scheduled to start on January 5. Along the way and for all practical purpose, he has also annulled the 1999 Bolivarian constitution.

First, remember that the Sept. 26 parliamentary elections have been tainted with hints as to its legitimacy, which is becoming more and more apparent as the current National Assembly has launched a series of stunning legislative measures, including the prohibition of representatives to vote according to their conscience and switch sides, a new law to regulate communications that will include control over the Internet, making it easier for the regime to close down any media it dislikes, a declaration that banks are now a public service, allowing the government to intervene in any bank under any pretext and, most important of all, the fourth enabling law since Chavez has become president in 1999.

This new enabling law, which will last 18 months, allows the regime to legislate by decree on almost any matter of importance, from raising new taxes to reviewing "security" matters.

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Jen said...

And still,Quebec and Ontario continue to support this dictator by buying the 'Venezuelan' oil.


Comment Columnists / Eric Duhaime
BUYcotters thwart economic terrorism

'Khadir is not going to make Quebecers turn our backs today on our great heritage of a few centuries of tolerance and friendship with Jews'.

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