Thursday, December 16, 2010

CCF defends the Jaworskis

I am a long time supporter of the Canadian Constitution Foundation. I have also been a long time supporter of the Institute for Liberal Studies and the Liberty Summer seminar. I am very pleased that the CCF willl be defending my friends the Jaworskis and the LSS. These ridiculous charges should be dropped.

You can hell the CCF defend liberty by donating money and maybe your time if you are a lawyer!

CCF defending Jaworskis: Notice of Constitutional Question filed in Liberty Summer Seminar Case

The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) today announced that it is providing pro-bono legal counsel to Marta, Lech and Peter Jaworski, in their defence against charges in respect of an alleged violation of a zoning by-law of the municipality of Clarington in Ontario.

The CCF also today filed a Notice of Constitutional Question informing the Attorneys General of Canada and Ontario that it intends to argue that a provincial law and by-law that the municipality of Clarington interprets as prohibiting the holding of the annual Liberty Summer Seminar, is a violation of the freedom of peaceful assembly guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Liberty Summer Seminar, founded in 2001, is an annual two-day seminar and barbecue that celebrates and promotes Canadian freedoms--individual liberty, private property, and economic freedom.

CCF Executive Director and lawyer Chris Schafer said, “The Jaworskis escaped Poland in 1984 fearing persecution by the government for distributing pro-freedom literature. It’s ironic that they are now facing charges in Canada for allowing their son to host an event in support of freedom on their property”.

According to Marta Jaworski, “I will always let my son use our property for what he believes in, and for the freedom we came to Canada to find”.

The Canadian Constitution Foundation is a registered charity, independent and non-partisan, which defends constitutional freedoms through education and litigation.

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