Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bill S-215

Parliament has passed Bill S-215. It is a bill against homicide bombing. It passed with all party support.
I received this note from Prof Salim Mansur:

Just to let all of you know that Canada's parliament passed Bill S-215 today into law. It will receive the Royal Assent next week. This is one of the rare private member's bill that survived, since it was first introduced in 2005 in the Senate, several shut down of the parliament due to elections called and when the parliament was prorogued. As some of you will know all bills on the parliamentary order paper dies when the parliament is brought down for election or a new session is called by proroguing a sitting parliament, and then the bills have to be re-introduced if either the government or the opposition are willing to bring back any of these "dead" bills into the new session.

Bill S-215 was first introduced in the Senate in 2005 before being sent down to the House after the various stages of committee hearings in the Senate. This Bill is about amending Canada's Criminal Code to cite suicide-bombing explicitly as a capital crime, and it is the first time anywhere in the Western democracies that suicide-bombing has now been explicitly identified as a capital crime so that any or all individiuals and any party involved in any way with the planning and/or execution of suicide-bombing can be brought to court under the newly enacted statute.

This Bill was the idea of Justice Reuben Bromstein (Retired). He connected with me in 2004 and together we worked with a number of other individuals by forming Canadians Against Suicide Bombing. We jointly wrote editorials, lobbied parliamentarians and senators and eventually brought together a list of eminent Canadians that included all living prime ministers, several justices, former justice ministers, former leaders of federal parties, academics, union leaders, and religious leaders to support the previous incarnations of Bill S-215 (the bill numbers on the order papers changed with new parliamentary sessions). In the Senate Liberal Senator Jeffrey Grafstein shepherded the Bill until he retired last year.

Judge Bromstein and I are now greatly relieved and truly happy that this effort of so many Canadians of goodwill and courage has been finally consummated by the passage of the Bill S-215.

The following is the url for the website of Canadians Against Suicide Bombing:

You can click our website and see for yourself the effort that was made to send out the message that Canadians will come together, as in this instance, to defeat the evil of indiscriminate violence and terror through suicide-bombing and will remain committed to fighting this scourge for as long as it takes. We can now hope that some Canadian parliamentarian or senator will convince the government and take this measure adopted in Canada to the UN, the OECD and the EU as a model of what these organizations might consider doing in the fight against terrorism.

I congratulate Justice Bromstein, Senator Grafstein, Salim Mansur and all those that help pass this legislation.


Anonymous said...

What, the other laws against murder weren't enough? Or is this just to say "We really mean it this time"?

Pissedoff said...

It won't mean anything until they bring back the death penalty for things like this.