Wednesday, November 03, 2010

US Midterm results

So the GOP has retaken the house with more than 60. The GOp has 6 new senators and 10 new governors( net gain 8). A very good day for my GOP friends. Unfortunately corruptocrat reid has won and the people of California seem intent on self immolation. Congratulations to all the new GOP congressman, governors and senators. Particular congratulations to Governor Nikki Haley , the second US governor of Indian origin. There will soon have to be an Indian American Southern Governors organization.
The msm and the dems will try to spin this, but it is a repudiation of bo and his socialist policies. The US is still a center right country.

For more analysis you can watch Mark Steyn, Fred Thompson and howard dean talk about the results iat the University of Calgary tonight at 8pm EST. You can watch it live on Strictly Right. Or watch here. It should be fascinating.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the consequence of the social/fiscal responsible conservative Tea Party movement will be that the mid terms results will prohibit Comrade Barack Muhammad Obama’s progression towards assembling the Socialist Republic of America.

We now can begin to look forward to the end of big tax growth, big government growth, massive interference into the free market place, and major regulations growth as the new Congress begins to turn away from Canadian style socialism.


WD Fyfe said...

It's a big win but Boehner better keep his troops in line or the Tea Party is going to turn into a wake for the Republicans. This is one conservative that isn't dancing just yet

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