Monday, November 08, 2010

Us Mid Terms and Canada

I was watching ctv news channel yesterday and I saw some woman claiming the GOP was protectionist and Congressman Ryan (one of my favourites) was a protectionist! I think it was part of Question Period.
What nonsense. THE GOP are mostly free traders. It is the unions and dems who are protectionists these days. The GOP like our Oilsands. I prefer the GOP in government in the USA, so should you.

U.S. election is good news for Canada


The Democratic defeat will have come as no surprise to the Harper government or any other America-watchers.

"Americans are sick and tired and scared about the direction of the country, about debt and deficit and about terrorism," former diplomat Colin Robertson said this week.

Robertson, who has done stints in Canada's Washington, D.C. embassy and the Los Angeles consulate, pointed out that polls had shown "60 per cent feel the country is headed in the wrong direction ... [and] want a smaller government, lower taxes and fewer services."

What was bad news for Barack Obama, however, might not be so for Canadians.

On the two pre-eminent bilateral issues of trade and energy, Republicans generally are kinder than Democrats to the interests of their biggest trading partner and energy supplier.

Republicans bill themselves as champions of free trade and may be less apt to build "Buy American" provisions into new U.S. legislation.

Former U.S. ambassador David Wilkins noted, "I don't think the labour unions will have nearly the influence that they presently have on this Congress and this administration."

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