Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Tory Fundraising Juggernaut

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iffy's bus tour hasn't done much for grit fundraising, if anything grit donations are down. The Tories raised $4.062 million(36,744 donors), the grits $1.469 million( 16,619 donors) , the NDP$1.135 million(12643 donors) and the bloc a piddling $115,526(1290 donors) . The greens had $285000. The Tory numbers are very stable. The Tories have more donors this quarter. The grits actually raised $200000 more last quarter and had more donors last quarter. The NDP did much better this quarter.
 The Tory base has been remarkably stable.
The Tories should take us all for granted at their peril. The BHP Potash decision was wrong.  I am a free trader. I want foreign investment in Canada. I am disappointed in both the federal Tories and Premier Wall, both of whom I usually admire. Though the grits and the ndp would have made the same decision, I expect better from the Tories.

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Powell lucas said...

The Conservatives can raise all the money they like but, in light of the abandonment of conservative principles re the BHP bid for Potash Corp, they will lose the votes of true conservatives. Like myself many will simply spoil their ballot or sit on their hands come election time.

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