Friday, November 05, 2010

The RLQ in Maclean's

More coverage of the Reseau Liberte Quebec, this time in Maclean's.

A conservative love-in in Quebec
Can the Réseau Liberté-Québec unite conservatives in the province and get past the sovereignty debate?
by Martin Patriquin

RLQ co-founder Joanne Marcotte (right) and Conservative MP Maxime Bernier | Francis Vachon/CP
There are many places in the country where a self-described “Jewish redneck from Calgary” would get a standing ovation for preaching his liberal-baiting, small-government, pro-oil-sands gospel. Conventional wisdom suggests that Quebec, home to powerful unions and subsidized daycare, isn’t one of them.

Yet, there was conservative commentator, author and cheery scourge of the left Ezra Levant in front of an overflow crowd at a Quebec City hotel last weekend, deriding government intervention and touting the wonders of Alberta’s oily bounty—in English, no less—and winning roars of approval

many more mentions of the RLQ acroos Canada in the last few days. In the Metro, the red star and the Metropolitan.

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