Friday, November 19, 2010

The RLQ and jean Charest

I responded to the excellent editorial on Jean Charest in the NP. The RLQ message is being reinforced by a study from the Conference board of Canada. Eric Duhaime summarizes the quicksand that charest and his grits are sinking into. Maclean's must feel vindicated.

National Post · Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010

Re: Jean Charest: No One To Blame But Himself, editorial, Nov. 17.

As one of the co-founders of the Reseau Liberte-Quebec (RLQ), I totally agree with your editorial on Jean Charest. I just want to reiterate that the RLQ is not and will not become a political party. We are a forum for ideas and want to expand the debate in Quebec. We want the old separatists/federalist debate to be replaced by the more relevant left/ right debate. It is because of the consensus of our political and journalist classes in Quebec, that there is an artificial consensus of left-wing politics and an ongoing constitutional debate which goes nowhere. It's time for Quebecers to start having the same discussions about the economy and their society that happen everywhere else in the Western world. Jean Charest came to power talking about cutting the deficit, reducing taxes and decreasing the size of the state. He has totally lost his way.

Roy Eappen, Montreal.


Anonymous said...

But the problem is the media have given up on the A.D.Q. as a party, so that leaves us with the Parti Quebecois and the Liberals.

So you are undermining the A.D.Q. which is the only real alternative.

Roy Eappen said...

We are not a party and we are not undermining the ADQ. The ADQ has been having quite a lot of attention lately even in the Montreal Gazette.

Anonymous said...

Yes the RLQ is like the Tea Party, simply a voice of the people that delineates the left/right choice. The RLQ should not become a party. Let the ADQ pick up on how the RLQ articulates the difference between free market capitalism being the best path to property versus the redistribution of wealth and dependency on the ROC that the PQ and Bloc advocate. Furthermore let the Québécois get the information that they are the recipient of funds from the ROC, most do not understand that because of what you say:
“the consensus of our political and journalist classes in Quebec”

But if even the Gazette is starting to “get it”, then maybe the Anglophones and Allophones will start to have the self confidence that they can survive without the bribes from the ROC. That’s important because McGuinty has levelled Ontario and we can’t afford to bleed $20 billion a year East while running a deficit of that amount. We’re borrowing money to ship East. That’s insanity.


Anonymous said...

People still think you are going to become a party (see the polls), so you are undermining the A.D.Q.

It is a shame that Mario stepped down just before he was proved right about the huge losses and unauthorized risk taking at the Caisse de Dépôt et de Placement as I'm sure he would be riding high in the polls now.

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