Saturday, November 06, 2010

Quebec unions react to RLQ

Quebec is the most taxed jurisdiction in North America. The Quebec unions have formed an alliance to demand higher spending and higher taxes. They have denounced the goals of the RLQ. One of the goals of the Quebec Freedom Network was to start such a debate and it seems to be working. While the rest of the country also seems interested. This is actually good news. Let the debate continue! Hopefully this will push even charest to the right.

Union alliance 'not a tea party'

Calls on Charest to hike taxes, spending

By KEVIN DOUGHERTY, The Gazette November 6, 2010 4:04 AM

- The leaders of Quebec's labour unions have formed a new alliance, with the goal of stopping what they see as a rightward drift by the province.

Instead, they want continued spending in the next provincial budget on social programs and education.

"This is not a tea party," said Claudette Carbonneau, president of the Confederation des syndicats nationaux, referring to the Tea Party movement in the United States, which calls for tax cuts and less public spending.

The motto of the Alliance sociale, as the new grouping calls itself, is "Another Quebec is possible."

At a joint news conference yesterday, Dominique Verreault, of the Alliance du personnel professionnel et technique de la sante et des services sociaux, noted that since it was elected in 2003, the Charest government has trimmed taxes by $5 billion.

"If that money had instead been re-invested, all Quebecers would profit," she said.


Anonymous said...

That's right Doctor, you have to get the topic out there, before people can 'latch onto it.' (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

What rightward drift? Maybe in the wind blows in the right direction the sheep will lean a little bit that way. Otherwise bring on new taxes (Tremblay's added car registration tax to pay for more public transit), we will lie down to be sheared.

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