Saturday, November 20, 2010

Prof Manur on the US midterms

Prof Mansur on the crushing defeat suffered by bo and the dems. A defeat the clueless Bo and the dems don't seem to understand. They will get another chance to understand in 2012. 

The 2010 mid-term U.S. election was a fine illustration of a republican revolution done peacefully and, as an expression of “We, the People,” setting limits on the powers of government.

As a revolution, it went beyond repudiating U.S. President Barack Obama’s tax-and-spend policies aggressively pushed by his Democratic allies in Congress. It reached for the ideal of the American constitutional principle of checks and balances.


Anonymous said...

“the clueless Bo”

Bo is The First Dog and the Portie is very smart, he actually listens. Bo is the only good decision Obamarx has made.


Blame Crash said...

It’s not that “Bo and the Dems don’t seem to understand”. They just don’t care about what the electorate wants. That’s obviously what they’ve been doing for the last two years, why would they change now?

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

This is their one and only chance to impose socialist totalitarianism on the United States and they’re going for it, hell or high water. Things are just starting to come to an explosive boil. Why else would Pelosi still be the leader of the House Dems after such a huge loss? The only way that that makes any sense is they fully intend on imposing their “way” on Americans.

They don’t need the House because they have Bomama to sign each and every “Executive Order” that they put on his desk.

Things are going to get real, real ugly and this ugly-ness will be crashing up onto our shores as well. The Canadian leftards will make sure of that. You can always count on them to ape everything the American leftist do. Monkey See, Monkey Do” is their motto. For example, if an American leftard like Michael Moore or Al Gore, etc. etc…. told the Canadian leftard chimps to get down on all four and bark like a dog, do you think they’d say no?

Enough said!

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