Monday, November 01, 2010

Peter Stockland on the RLQ

My friend Peter Stockland( ex editor of the Montreal Gazette and Reader's Digest Canada) has an interesting piece on the RLQ

Stockland: Conservative movement in Quebec is rising

As usual, Calgary author Ezra Levant said it best without perhaps fully appreciating the significance of what he'd just said.

"The average age would not be 25 for a right-wing event in Alberta," Levant told about 500 conservatives gathered in Quebec City last week for the founding meeting of the Reseau Liberte Quebec (Quebec Freedom Network). "I feel like an old man."

Levant spent 75 minutes last Saturday morning delivering his trademark snappy patter on the horrors of human rights commissions, the grim litany of threats to free speech in this country and the evils of acquiescing to the "fascist theocracy" of militant Islam.

Yet, it was his ad lib exit line on the youthful composition of the audience, and his own relationship to it, that stood as his most compelling observation.

More humour from the McGill Daily. While the Globe has an interesting analysis, if faulty.
Good to see we are still garnering so much attention.

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johnnyonline said...

when i passed by rlq facebook this evening the number of endorsements had exceeded 2.85k!

and that was some election in the usa.

not sure i can take all this good news -
oh, wait a second.... yes, i can!

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