Thursday, November 18, 2010

NP on Jean Charest

The NP has an excellent editorial on Jean Charest and mentions the RLQ/Quebec Freedom Network. I must say I am shocked at the amount of attention mt friends and I have generated. The entire debate in Quebec has changed in the last month. Now I understand that ADQ leader Gerard Deltell will be on the French CBC's Tout Le Monde En Parlent. This is a show which is very hghly rated and has very lefty hosts. It shows the people of Quebec are open to these ideas. The unions have formed a coalition against us. It is as if Goliath formed a coaltion to attack David. I am in India for the next few weeks. Before I left, my friends and I met again to chart the future of the RLQ. There will be an announcement November 23, 2010. Let me say that it is a privilege to work with Joanne Marcotte, Eric Duhaime, Ian Senechal, Guillaume Leduc and Gerard Laliberte( among many others). I am honoured to say that they are my friends.
Jean Charest has pretty much failed to bring about the change that is needed in Quebec. In many ways he has been more hostile to Canada than even the PQ. At the same time the PQ is r\tearing itself into pieces. It is an interesting time in Quebec.

On the other hand, there is nothing inscribed in holy writ that says the Liberals must remain the primary federalist option on Quebec's provincial ballot.
In early October, another public opinion survey found that a hypothetical centre-right party led by former PQ Minister Francois Legault would get 42% of the vote. Subsequently, the right-of-centre movement Reseau Liberte Quebec held a high-profile inaugural conference, and the ADQ has ramped up its rhetoric in the hopes of cashing in on public discontent.

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Anonymous said...

“It is an interesting time in Quebec.”

It’s an interesting time for conservatives everywhere. Good luck with the RLQ.

The ROC and maybe even Québécois themselves underestimate the core conservatism in their Province. Maybe it got sidelined with the replacement of the authoritarian Church by the paternalism of socialism plus feminists not wanting to have 13 kids to fulfill “je me souviens” objectives.

The Québécois got tired of the High Priests in the Church telling them what to do and many are tiring of the High Priests in the Bloc and PQ with their “je me soviet” objectives. In other words, Québécois are growing up and finally becoming maîtres chez nous.


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