Saturday, November 06, 2010

Nigel Wright

                                                 Mark Cameron

                                                          Premier Bill Davis

I attended a Farewell party for Nigel Wright in Toronto. I am very pleased the Nigel will be HM PM Harper's new Chief of Staff and I told him just that.
  It was great seeing many of my friends and meeting several of my readers. I was pleased to meet Been Around The Block and her husband and sister. Kara Johnson and John Walsh were also there. It was a really a great evening.


been around the block said...

Finally, Dr. Roy, we meet face to face!

It was a great gathering, 'always nice to be with fellow-c/Conservatives and not have to overly worry that one's political views might "offend" someone -- although you and I (and my husband) didn't agree on everything , when it came to the Church. That's OK! We agree on more than we disagree on!

IMO, Nigel Wright's the right man for the job of the PM's Chief of Staff. He's a man of integrity and gravitas, not to mention highly successful in his field, which he's generously and graciously set aside for the next two years.

We need people like him to get involved in government/politics, not just the same-old, same-old party hangers-on and hacks.

Roy Eappen said...

It was great to meet you and your husband. I very much appreciate all your comments over the years.

been around the block said...

And I really appreciate your blog, Dr. Roy. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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