Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mark Steyn in Toronto

I attended a breakfast with Mark Steyn and my friends Ari Fine and Andrew Lawton from Strictly Right. Mark gave a short speech and answered some questions. His view of the sinking demographics of the west are actually more pesimistic than at the time of America Alone. He quoted the great Kate Macmillan who says the opposite of diversity is university.
I asked him about the death of newspapers. He replied that newspapers no longer actually serve the public. Journalists are in insulated bubbles and there is a lot of group think.
More from Mark on his mini tour of the Dominion. Mark has new lyrics for marshmallow world. Mark shares my love of broadway and showtunes! I missed the London event. ( Even I cannot be everywhere.)

Mark Steyn on the Michael Coren Show

Some video from the London event from my friend Winston.

On the Roy Green Show


Anonymous said...

We watched Mark Steyn on the Michael Coren show last night. I am very pessimistic abot what he says. Not so much for me. I am an old lady but for my two granddaughters. They are only babies right now but I worry what kind of Canada they will face.

Anonymous said...

And I worry about my daughters. But, take some comfort, myself (and others) are here (even in the GTA) to take a stand and make a difference. You are not alone, neither are your granddaughters, keep on networking; I am.

been around the block said...

Except for the fact that the Order of Canada is worthless these days, Mark Steyn should be awarded it!

GR-8 interview with Michael Coren. I kept wondering when Mark was going to get around to what , exactly, were the foundations of the "Western," "liberal" values he so succinctly pointed out modern, Western liberals won't defend.

And, Praise the Lord!, he finally got around to the fact that the freedoms in Western democracies, which Christians, Jews, atheists, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, alike enjoy are founded on Judeo-Christian values!

This fact is so fundamental to our problems in the West -- because we have, en masse, abandoned the faith of our forebears -- that it's a shame it's so seldom articulated.

johnnyonline said...

thanks for posting up Mr. Coren and Mr. Steyn's discourse. one of the best i've seen in a long time.

i am always taken aback by mark steyn's passionate connection to his spoken word - but - in this interview i thought (at least a couple of times) that he was literally going to burst into flames of indignation. his ability to articulate the outrageous is a joy!

Josephine said...

I had hoped to see you in London, Roy!

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