Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Lord Bishop of Rochester Nazi Ali

Unfortunately Bishop Nazir Ali is no longer the Lord Bishop of Rochester. The Anglican Communion needs more Bishops like Nazir Ali. I don't agree with him on all issues, but he understands the jihadi threat. Nazir Ali is in Ottawa this weekend. I was unfortunately unable to attend any of the events. I am sure he was amazing. I hope some of the events will be posted on the web.

On multiculturalism:

On jihadis

Bishop Michael Nazir Ali interviewed by Alan Jones 2GB 14/9/2010 from Steve Estherby on Vimeo.

On elections:

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali Interview August 2010 from Steve Estherby on Vimeo.

On Spirituality:


been around the block said...

I am truly grateful for Anglican bishops like Michael Nazir-Ali. Would that all Anglican bishops were as prayerful and faithful as Bishop Michael.

God bless him and his prophetic ministry!

(Notice the picture of the young Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman in one of the interviews!)

Peregrinus said...

Bp Nazir-Ali is one of the few Anglican bishops prepared to give real leadership. He is to be commended and prayed for.

We could use him in the Anglican Ordinariate where his views would be supported in communion with the majority of Christians.

I Support Lord Black