Monday, November 08, 2010

Liberal Senator Lavigne

Another grit who thinks he is entitled to his entitlements. While grit Senator lavigne is suspended from the senate and is currently being tried he is racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses. One wonders what his office staff are doing. The grit senator hasn't been seen on the hill in a while. Are his staff doing his yard work? I guess we'll just have to wait for the outcome of the trial to see if we can finally boot this grit off the hill.

Despite being suspended from the Senate three years ago, Liberal Sen. Raymond Lavigne has managed to cost the Canadian taxpayer more than $700,000 since 2007, public accounts reveal.

Lavigne was suspended from the house of sober second thought after being charged with fraud, breach of trust and obstruction of justice.

He is accused of misusing Senate funds for travel and paying a staffer to cut trees on his cottage property. The case is currently before the courts.

James Cowan, the Liberal Senate leader, said that despite Lavigne's suspension, he still holds the financial privileges that come with the job.

"He is not allowed to be in the chamber and he is not allowed to participate in any other legislative duty, but he is still a senator," said Cowan.

Financial records show Lavigne has racked up $135,000 in travel bills and another $180,000 in office expenses since 2007.


Anonymous said...

just who in the hell makes these rules. hes not allowed in the chamber and not allowed to participate in legislative duties yet he can spend as if he is?
this country has lost its way for sure. i was always taught that hard work was the path to prosperity. now the mantra is how many donations did you make? the only risk is choosing the right political party.


OddSox said...

"To be straightforward with you, I don't know what he is doing, I don't know where he is doing it and I don't know what his expenses are,"

That's James Cowan, the Liberal Senate Leader. Seems to me that if he doesn't know where the money is being spend, it might be a good idea to check and find out?

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