Sunday, November 28, 2010

jim travers is frightened

I am fairly certain of a Tory victory in Vaughan, even though I myself have soem question about our candidate Julian Fantino. I am much less sure of a winter election. I suspect a winter election is not in the cards. If there is one, the grits should be very scared. Their fundraising numbers are pathetic and they would probably have to rent the same bus to get iffy agacross Canada. I think it is mor likely we will see grit cooperation with HM Government, even if it is not with much enthusiaism. I don't see an election before the fall of 2011. The grits can no longer block HM Government in the senate and they are broke. They will be sitting on their hands a lot and iffy will probably make more mtrips to harvard to keep in touch for his next job.

Federal Liberals have much more to worry about this weekend than the looming by-election loss of yet another supposedly “safe” seat. A sorry result in Vaughan may well trigger a winter campaign fought to Liberal disadvantage on Conservative terms.

Still hoping for the by-election best, Liberal are preparing for the worst. Unless loyalists shock organizers by flooding polling stations, former OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino will win in a walk, one widely expected to lead him straight into the Conservative cabinet.

Losing a riding Liberals held for 22 years — albeit by leaning heavily on Maurizio Bevilacqua’s personal popularity — would wave warning flags any time. Losing Vaughan now to Stephen Harper would be a jarring wake-up call for Michael Ignatieff


Anonymous said...

Unless Iggy resigns or is pushed out. Then let the flood of puff pieces on Bob Rae begin, the great diplomat, peacemaker, etc.

This is the Liberals only chance.

Anonymous said...

Travers is just trying to whip apathetic Liberals into getting out the vote. It’s scaremongering. He’s falsely saying the last election was called because of by-election results, as if those by election results had nothing to do with Dion’s Climate Shaft. Can you image the dumpster we’d be sitting in with Dion now as PM?

Note also how the Liberals have learned nothing about the need to bring accountability to government with their total disregard for Provincial jurisdiction as Travers suggests “Liberals are promising to spend on home-care and education”. RLQ please remind Québécois that Iggy will encroach.

Travers tells us what he is really after by ending with “Liberals could surprise by holding Vaughan”. That is Travers speaking in code for “Liberals need to get out and vote or else this will lead to a Harper majority and then the Star will get no new revenues selling useless Big Government national advertising to Federal Crown Corps like the Post Office and social re-engineering programs that should be run by the Provinces; so please help the Star’s self-interest by voting Liberal”.


Anonymous said...

Hey Roy, I agree with most everything you wrote but do have one caveat here: do you really think the federal political parties would go for a federal election right in the middle of an Ontario election next fall?

As I live in Ontario this always gives me pause for thought so I revert back to this spring over the budget or we have to wait another year. I would actually prefer a fall 2011 election but can't seem to see the reality of it.

Prove me wrong, please!

CanadianSense said...

Liberal media cheerleaders started to raise Caledonia as an issue after Fantino chose the wrong team?

Like so many issues from H1N1, Olympics, EAP the media jump on to raise Liberal war room talking points and then discovering it does not resonate look for another issue to be critical.

Voters are tuning out the Liberal noise. Their reality does not match the Pablum serving from the Liberal outlets.

been around the block said...

Justin Trudeau's frightened too. Check out the pretty boy's dismal youtube message in support of Genco.

Amateur hour!

You can see him thinking to himself, "am I ever doing a bang-up job; people are going to listen to me, because I'm speaking with such ferocity and gravitas ... aren't I?"

This endorsement (sic) may well be the last nail in the Liberal-Vaughan coffin.

RIP, Librano$.

been around the block said...

Whoops, here's the link: to Justin's jeering:

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right that Fantino is going to win hands down. That will indeed cause dissension in the Liberal ranks. As Ignatieff says a by election is a way to give the government a message. Its also a way to tell the leader of the opposition Canadians don't much like him or his party.

If the Libs lose Vaughan watch for a very interesting vote on the extenion of the Afghan mission next Tuesday. Can Iggy hold the caucus together.

Monday is very important for the leadership of Ignatieff. He could find himself on a bus pretty quickly if the caucus revolts.

No winter election. Why? We have control of the House and now the Senate. Life is good.

Anonymous said...

The odds of a spring election are very high but not for the reasons Travers suggests. (real conservative)

been around the block said...

So, Julian Fantino wins in Vaughan! Yea!

It's far better than his not winning -- and he knows about policing and law enforcement from the inside out, whatever mistakes he's made, which can only benefit the CPC and Canadians.

I Support Lord Black