Saturday, November 06, 2010

jihadis murder Christians at Prayer

 The Christians of Iraq were also converted by St Thomas( 35 AD) before he came to India to convert my ancestors( 52 AD) , almost 2000 years ago. The rites of our two churches were said in Syriac, which is basically Aramaic, the language spoke by OUr Lord and Saviour. I was horrified and deeply saddened to hear of the latest atrocity committed against my brothers and sisters in Christ by the jihadis. The msm of the west thinks the threat to burn a Koran is a more important news story. Interesting, as the Koran was not burned and the jihadis still immolated several churches and Christians in revenge.
My friend Salim Mansur denounces this monstrous act.

The non-Muslim world is increasingly not surprised and unmoved by the depravity of Muslim jihadis committing outrage, one after another without end in sight, and what can only be explained, unsatisfactorily, as a pathological wish to cause pain to the living by random acts of terrorist violence.

The murderous attack on the church in central Baghdad last Sunday by Muslim terrorists, if we go with the news reports, was merely another not unusual blood-soaked event in the daily cycle of news from Muslim countries.

But if such an atrocity was not just another criminal event in a "normal" day across the Arab-Muslim world, then we should have heard of a special meeting being called at the UN, or in one of the capitals of member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, to express outrage against those who killed innocent worshippers inside Our Lady of Deliverance Syriac Catholic Church in Baghdad.

We then should have heard of Muslim political and religious leaders expressing their grief over the dead and wounded — there were some 120 Iraqi Christians in attendance at the Sunday evening mass when Muslim terrorists attacked the church and left 58 dead with only a dozen escaping unhurt.

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been around the block said...

It's obscenely astonishing that the Western world seems to take as a given that "oh well, Islamists will be Islamists. They're killing Christians again. Ho hum."

Our Judeo-Christian-based civilization, the parent of Western democracy, is being battered, hammered, humiliated, and beaten down while our chattering classes stand on the sidelines cheering on the enemy.

It is a perverse spectacle, like parents standing by while their children are savagely beaten by the bully from the other side of town.

We get upset by the threat of a Koran being burned and sit back and regard as a spectator sport actual human beings being murdered because their faith is other than Islam.

There are times when you begin to wonder if our "civilization," such as it is these days, is worth saving. This makes me very sad.

May God have mercy on the souls of these murdered Christians.

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