Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Islamic history month

Prof Mansur deconstructs this latest politically correct event. An event endorsed by our political class. It is an event backed by the jihadi apologists at cic.

The glaring gap in Islamic history month


In the book, Einstein Wrote Back, physicist John Moffat devotes a chapter to Abdus Salam. Moffat was one of Salam's students, and fondly recalls the time spent with Salam as a post-doctoral fellow in Cambridge.

Abdus Salam shared with Steven Weinberg and Sheldon Glashow the Nobel Prize in 1979 for Physics. The prize was recognition for their work in unifying the two fundamental forces of nature, electromagnetism that lights our homes and the weak interaction governing radioactive decay. Salam was the first Muslim Nobel laureate followed by only the second Muslim scientist Ahmed Zeweil, an Egyptian-American, to win the Nobel Prize in 1999 for Chemistry.

But Salam is not recognized by those Muslim organizations celebrating the month of October in Canada as Islamic History Month. That Salam's name is missing from the list of Muslim Nobel prizewinners prepared for the occasion is not an oversight. It reveals instead the true and ugly nature of the brand of religion and politics the organizers have imported into Canada and about which most Canadians remain ignorant.

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