Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Iffy: the gift that keeps giving

Astounding? Apparently running a Tory candidate ,who happens to me Filipino, is unfair??

Does anyone know what Michael Ignatieff is talking about?
The Liberal leader was in Winnipeg on the weekend campaigning for Winnipeg North candidate Kevin Lamoureux when he accused the Conservatives of fighting dirty by running a Filipino candidate in the riding.
Voters, he said, deserved "a straight-up fight" and not "a bunch of games." He was apparently referring to speculation that the Tories were trying to weaken Mr. Lamoureux's support by running Filipino Julie Javier in a riding that traditionally supports the New Democratic Party and which has a high number of Filipino residents.
Once again, does anyone know what Mr. Ignatieff is talking about? Is he really suggesting that the Conservatives should have fielded a non-Filipino candidate to make it a fair fight for the Liberal contender? Is it his view that Ms. Javier is a fake candidate who has cynically offered her name to spoil Liberal ambitions and ensure an NDP victory?
Mr. Ignatieff's comments were an insult to voters in general and Filipinos in particular. To be fair, it doesn't look like he anticipated the question, but the leader of an institution like the Liberal Party of Canada should be smarter on his feet. In the big leagues, you're only allowed so many stupid mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Guess the ethnic origin of the Liberal candidate in 1993

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Iffy has no limit on stupid mistakes. He's been making them for years and still holds pretty much the same place in the polls. A sizeable clued-out portion of the Canadian population are willing to listen to as many idiotic gaffs as he can serve up, and they'd still vote for him to lead this country. Just a sad fact.

Michael Harkov said...

In order to win a majority government, not only do we have to retain what he have, but we have to make a play for ridings that are not traditionally Tory ridings. That means ridings like these.

The Liberals don't OWN this riding. If Ignatieff doesn't like the fact that we are trying to win this riding, then he can go piss up a rope.

Michael Harkov said...

Meanwhile, Rey Pagtakhan, a Filipino, is a former Liberal Minister of Veterans Affairs and represented Winnipeg North from 1988 until 2004.

Once again, Ignatieff demonstrates that the word "hypocrisy" isn't only an adjective to describe "Liberal", but that it is also a synonym.

Owner and Doggy said...

Now for the truth.

The very same reporter that retrieved the information on which the misleading editorial was based upon clarified the misinformation in her blog. This sheds light on the lies that this post was spreading.


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