Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good for Keith Martin

I agree with Keith Martin, the Canada Health Act is outdated and I think could be argued to be unconstitutional. I am glad Keith Martin will continue to work on these issues after he has retired and his seat has gone Tory.

A shibboleth is defined as “a common saying or belief with little current meaning or truth.” I know this to be true, because I had to look up the word when reading a statement from Liberal MP

Keith Martin about the Canadian health-care system.

“We cannot continue to wrap ourselves in the Canada Health Act, hold on to shibboleths and demonize those who are trying to modernize our obsolete health-care system,” he wrote.

It’s rather a bracing statement: that the Canada Health Act — the thing that so many people identify as one of our defining characteristics — is an outdated belief with no basis in reality. Was a federal legislator putting it that starkly? Was an MP — a physician, even — calling bunkum on the cherished principles of universality and accessibility? And wouldn’t this make things a little awkward at Liberal caucus meetings?

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been around the block said...

Henryk Górecki died on November 12, 2010. May he rest in peace.

The third movement of his Symphony of Sorrowful Songs ( is heart-rending: The words of a mother who doesn't know where her beloved child is buried cuts to the quick of the heart, the fears, of every mother:

He lies in his grave
and I know not where
Though I keep asking people

Perhaps the poor child
Lies in a rough ditch
and instead he could have been
lying in his warm bed

Oh, sing for him
God's little song-birds
Since his mother cannot find him

And you, God's little flowers
May you blossom all around
So that my son
May sleep happily

His Totus Tuus (All Yours, John Paul II's motto) is wonderful, too.

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