Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Go Agop!!!!!

                                            Some of the other Tory candidates including Rodolphe Husny

                                           Tory  Candidates and several municipal councillors who were there!

 It was great to be at an event for Dollard Pierrefonds Tory Candidate Agop Evereklian. HM Minister of National Defense Peter Mackay was the guest of honour. It was a great evening with many municipal councillors in attendance.  Peter Mackay gave a rousing speech in praise of Agop.  Agop will be a great MP! The event was very well attended.
 Agop really has a great team andI think really has a good chance of winning.

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Anonymous said...

Peter Mackay was in good form. He arrived a bit late and excused himself by saying if he had those F-35 planes he would have been on time.

Agop said he was touched by the turnout and by the loyalty of his supporters. He pledged to do even more to campaign to win. Hard to believe as he seems to attend so many events already as he criss-crosses the riding and even holds events downtown.

I Support Lord Black