Monday, November 08, 2010

Free Thinking Film Festival November 12-14,2010

I sit on the board of The Free Thinking Film Society. We will be having the First Annual Free Thinking Film Festival on November 12-14, 2010 in Ottawa.
There will be many highlights includng a debate betweenEzra and ellie may on the Oilsands. There are 19 films you can see and much much more. A festival pass is only $68!! Buy a few!

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been around the block said...

Dr. Roy, you're probably too young (and, after all, you grew up in Montreal, didn't you?) to remember the ubiquitous shout out on Toronto's CHUM radio in the '60s:

"It's Chicken Man! It's Chicken Man! He's everywhere! He's everywhere!"

My edit:

It's Dr. Roy! It's Dr. Roy! He's everywhere! He's everywhere!

How do we keep up?

(Thanks for taking us along on the Magic Carpet Ride -- to all the Best Places, of course ...)

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