Saturday, November 13, 2010

Free Speech

Karen Selick of the CCF has already written that the Canadian Supreme Court can strike down the despicable section 13.1 of the hrcs. It is the section used to stop free speech. Free speech means nothing if you don't allow odious speech. This Gazette editorial agrees. let's hope our supremes get it right this time. ( Please donate to the CCF, they do excellent work to defend our freedoms)

Top court gets second chance to do right thing on free speech

Saskatchewan appeal could allow justices to rein in power of rights bodies

By KAREN SELICK, Troy Media November 12, 2010

The Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to reconsider 20-year-old jurisprudence that limits free speech. The case under appeal is The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission vs. William Whatcott.

Back in 2001 and 2002, Whatcott, a social conservative activist, distributed flyers in Regina and Saskatoon bearing headings such as "Keep Homosexuality out of Saskatoon's Public Schools" and "Sodomites in our Public Schools."

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Anonymous said...

Support the CCF? We'll see. If they win this case against the HRC I *MIGHT*.

But my guess is they won't and don't really want to.

It's just another pack of scummy "rights industry" lawyers. They are as bad as the SCOC and the HRCs themselves.

Lawyers in this country have done so much to twist the law and subvert its meaning that none can be trusted anymore.

I Support Lord Black