Thursday, November 04, 2010

Fox News wins again

Fox news blew away it's competition last night. While msnbc's silly coverage was once again in last place. really no surprise. Fox really was more fair and balanced.

Fox News Channel dominates cable news ratings race on Election Day

Fox News Channel towered over its cable news rivals on election night, attracting more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined

In primetime, an average of 7 million viewers chose FNC to get their election news, while CNN attracted an average audience of 2.4 million and MSNBC averaged just shy of 2 million.

For real election-news junkies, FNC was also the place of choice. Between 6 a.m. Tuesday and 3 a.m. Wednesday - so-called "total day" in Nielsen-speak - FNC averaged just over 3 million viewers, overshadowing CNN, which hovered at 980,000 viewers for the whole day, and MSNBC's 838,000.

Some press reports noted FNC had also beat all three broadcast networks' coverage of the election. (This doesn't take into account Fox broadcast network, which aired election programming from 9-10 p.m. Tuesday night).

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Patsplace said...

And to think there is a large contingent of Canadians that does not want a "Fox Like" station in Canada!! Hurry up with Fox North, I'm dying for "fair and balanced" Canadian news. CBC UGH!!!

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