Thursday, November 11, 2010

Eric Duhaime on RDI and The RLQ

My friend Eric Duhaime goes into the belly of the beast ( SRC/CBC) to discuss if the Quebec media has a left wing bias( of course it does).
You can listen here.

Things are changing in Quebec. even the Gazette is saying nice things about the ADQ.

Maxime mocked the new union coalition against the RLQ.

Three editorials in La Presse about the right on Quebec .
Finally a scorching piecel about a conservative gone bad Jean Charest.

Here are the facts on Charest’s administration, from the time it arrived in office to today:

• The size of the provincial government in the economy went from 27% to 31.4%.

• The spending per capita went from $9,036 to $11,627.

• The proportion of investments that are public went from 23.1% to 34.9%.

• The number of bureaucrats went from 95.5 per 1,000 habitants to 97.3.

• The provincial net debt per capita went from $14,270 to $16,482, while it decreased on average in Canada to below $8,000.

• Provincial subsidies per capita went from $637 to $741, while it declined in the rest of the country to below $200.

And let’s not talk about the fact that the waiting lists in Quebec hospitals are now worse than they were seven years ago and the school dropout rate has also increased.

My friends and I have really stirred the pot in Quebec!

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