Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cool It

I saw Cool It at the RIDM, a documentary film festival in Montreal. The Filmmaker Ondi Timmoner was at the screening. Here is an interview with her.
The movie did denounce the goreacle's hyperexxageration, but Lomoborg does accept the ipcc numbers, which many of us reject. It is a much sunnier movie and it proposes some solutions to a problem, I don't think really exists. He proposes how to spend $250 billion a year in Europe to find alternate fuels, dop some geoengineering and solve all the problems of poverty. He had many good cameso by people like Prof Lindzen. I enjoyed the movie, but Lomborg certainly does not go far enough. There was a debate after the filem with a Montreal member of the discredtied ipcc and Timoner. I was not really able to stay for that. It was interesting that the guy representing the warmists also felt that the goreacle and the like had done a lot of harm to their cause by their hysteria. It was particular horrifying to see how the warmists have brainwashed children to be frightened and hopeless. I would recoomend this movie.
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