Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Condoleeza Rice

I finally got to meet Secretary Condoleeza Rice. She gave a great speech in Toronto today. When I met her I told her I had been at her concert with Aretha Franklin. I told her that I missed her at the after party. She told me she had been very tired. She gave a very interesting speech talking about her family, why she is a republican, the war on terror, Iraq, President Bush and much more. This is part of a book tour for her new book Extraordinary , Ordinary People. She is less hawkish on immigration than I would have thought. She opposes removing citizenship from kids born to illegal migrants in the US. She seems to support President Bush's attempts at immigration reform. She defended President Bush and the Iraq war. She basically said bo has continued most of President Bush's policies on security.
She was interviewed by the red star.

Here are videos from recent interviews where she talks about some of the same things.

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Anonymous said...

What a classy lady! What a great role model she would have been if she had run for President.

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